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Remembrance poems can provide healing words to help ease the pain of grief  and can be a lovely tribute to a loved one. It can be included in your funeral or memorial service program. A friend, relative, or religious leader might read it at your service. The internet is a great resource for finding just the right remembrance poem that expresses your feelings about your loved one.   


Sometimes death comes out of the blue. The most common causes are heart attacks, and accidents. But sometimes, people just die without warning—in their sleep. We are going about our lives and suddenly, with the unexpected loss of a loved one, everything has changed for us. Our first reactions may be a mix of shock, anger, fear, sadness, confusion, and disbelief. As the reality of the situation sinks in, we wonder what to do next.


As well as  letting family and friends know, there are several organisations you need to notify when a person has passed away. The website Money Advice Service - What to do when someone dies is very helpful in that breaks down the things you need to do as soon as possible after, as well as in the weeks and months following the passing. Additionally you can go to Direct Gov: What to do after a death. This is the official government website for UK citizens which provides information on dealing with a death, including advice on funeral options, using a funeral director and how to apply for help covering funeral costs if you are receiving tax credit. Other useful sources of information and advice on organising a funeral include: Age UK  NHS Direct.


One of the greatest causes of stress around planning and arranging a funeral (especially an unexpected one), is getting caught up in the thought that everything has to be arranged quickly. But the reality is that you have more time than you may think. Whilst it is true that certain aspects have to be done in a short space of time, the actual date and arrangements for the funeral can be done to your schedule, within reason. (The exception to this is that certain religions like Judaism require strict timelines for burial.)


If your loved one has not already made it known to you what their funeral wishes are, or made no firm plans by paying  for their funeral in advance, unfortunately that over whelming emotional and stressful task gets inherited  to those left behind. Should you  find yourself faced with this dilemma it is important to remind yourself that the type of funeral  you choose (traditional or innovative, formal or informal), what type of Coffin you would like your love one to have and the finer details such as whether you wish their final send off to be a plain-speaking and down to earth or a poetical and full of beauty and mystical occasion, is entirely personal choice so discussing options and knowing what your financial budget will stretch to is important.  

Remember emotions will be running high and family members will be vulnerable so adopting a gentle methodical pace may be helpful. Be aware that a big significant cause of stress in planning a funeral is the disagreements when different family members have opposing views over what “ dad or mom would have would have or would not have wanted for their final farewell.” Arguments can occur over when to have the service and even  how much to pay for these arrangements. Ironically, these arguments often occur in the most loving families, where different family members have strong opinions on how to honour their deceased family member.

We are here to help. Our FREE advisory service on all funeral matters offers guidance and advise of the choices available to you and your family along with peace of mind and the reassurance that the perfect send off for your loved one doesn't have to cost the earth.

WATCH Remembering Josh

A deeply personalised funeral, in this case that of a young man who died in a road traffic accident while on holiday.


Online Memorials

Online memorials are virtual spaces created on the Internet for the purpose of reminiscing remembering, celebrating, or commemorating those who have died. They are a place to pay tribute to those special persons who have enriched your life, family and friend. A place for families to come together and a sharp reminder to not waste a single day, a reminder that every day together is precious, and beautiful.


There are many free internet sites out there so it is just a choice of preference as to which site is for you. 

 Take a look at

a good example of a free memorial site

"The life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living"
Marcus Tulliuis Cicaro
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An obituary is a news article that reports the recent death of a person giving important details of the life of the deceased, and notifies the public of memorial or funeral service information. In local newspapers an obituary may be published for any local resident upon death in two ways: As a  death notice, which omits most biographical details and may be a legally required public notice under some circumstances. or : a paid memorial advertisement written by family members or friends, perhaps with assistance from a funeral home Both types of paid advertisements are usually run as classified advertisements.


If you have been tasked with writing an obituary, it can be a challenge to know where to start.  It often helps to read other obituaries to  get an idea of what you will write. The internet is a great resource for finding many great examples. 


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