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 We are a free advisory service for all funeral matters and pride ourselves on promoting funeral pre-planning.  Our aim is to give you piece of mind by providing guidance & advice so you can make more informed choices regarding the end-of-life service you would wish. We are happy to create your free advance funeral wish plan  to store with your Will  with our compliments. You are also welcome to ask for information on ways in which you can pay for your funeral in advancewhat the most affordable and effective pre-paid funeral plan options are available. A pre-paid funeral plan is the easy way to arrange and pay for your funeral in advance, whilst protecting your loved ones against unexpected costs and uncertainty about your final wishes.


Additionally we offer a professional estate planning service ensuring that your wishes are followed so your hard-earned assets go to the people you want it to. Our quality, affordable services include Wills, Trusts, Power of Attorney, Probate and much more.



Get Peace of Mind Planning Ahead

Few of us enjoy discussing or even thinking about the day when we are no longer around. You may take the attitude that what happens to you after death doesn't matter, you won't care, you'll be dead - or you may have firm plans for what should take place, where and how. Either way, what is important, is to write it down. It may not be a cheery thought, but it can certainly be a comforting prospect to know you are eliminating the burden left to loved ones, who (on top of the bereavement pain they will be suffering when you’re gone) would otherwise face the incredible emotional stress of having to make all the tough personal decisions when planning your funeral. 


A Pre-paid funeral plan will give you peace of mind knowing those left behind know what your wishes are, saving heart ache and reducing family arguments which regularly occurs when different family members have strong opposing views as to what their loved one would have or would not have wanted for their final farewell. 


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Commemorate Your Life Your Way

We will all need a funeral one day and when our time arrives Final-Farewell  want to ensure we have reduced the upset, worry and burden for your loved ones, which is often experienced with making funeral arrangements, by offering a FREE Funeral Wishes arrangement service so you can pre-plan the details of your funeral, sparing them the dilemma of trying to decide what kind of funeral they think you would or would not want.

You probably already know whether you want to be buried or cremated, but what about the details? As well as a time for family and friends to say goodbye, a funeral can be a time for reflection, and even celebration of a life lost. By Planning your funeral service in advance you will be able to stipulate your wishes, who you would like to attend, what the atmosphere should be like, and where you would like it to be held. You will be able to put your stamp on your last celebration, ensuring it reflects your life, your character and what is important to you - an expression of your desires surrounding your funeral e.g. Are there any particular readings or poems you would like and, if so, which ones and read by whom? Is there certain music you want played? Perhaps there’s even a specific route you’d like your hearse to take. If you would like to be cremated, you would also be able to specify where you would like your ashes to be buried, or if they should be scattered at a place that is meaningful to you.

Your FREE Advanced Funeral Wishes  will be prepared to your instructions and presented in a documented bound format so that it can be kept with your Will. Even if you don’t feel able to talk about your wishes with your friends or family, it is a good idea to give a copy of the document to the person who will probably be responsible for making your funeral arrangements so that they will be able to refer to it when the time comes as often the Will is not read until after the funeral, in which case your wishes may not be known until it's too late! You may also want to give details or of where the document  is to your executor, solicitor or a chosen funeral director.

NB. This is a no obligation service. As with any funeral planning, these wishes do not constitute a legally binding document.  The ultimate decisions rest with your next of kin. Typically, your next of kin will welcome and be very grateful for the efforts that you have made to express your funeral wishes and will honour your requests




Advance Funeral Wishes

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